Ergonomic Baby Carrier

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With Ergonomic Baby Carrier, you will no longer have to take the stroller or get a babysitter to look after your baby while you make a quick run to the supermarket!



The baby wrap is intelligently designed with extra pads for full-frontal support without compressing their back and and a wide hip seat so that your baby’s hip can rest in the healthy, doctor’s recommended M-Position. It has a long back panel that supports their spine, especially in their first few months.




3 Functions in One: Ergonomic Baby Carrier is detachable which means you can either use it as a carrier without the hip support or simply use the hip support to make your baby sit on it. Also, you can strap the carrier sideways to cradle your baby in your arms with minimum strength. However, if you are going to carry your baby for longer duration then it is advisable to use the carrier along with the hip support to bring optimum comfort to your baby.



Features Shock Absorption: The hip support is made from 15mm with ultra-thick buffer cushion which is soft to the touch and absorbs shock when you walk with your baby. This way your baby can nap close to you while you finish up your work and be as comfortable as they will be on their bed.



Traveling with your Baby is Now Easier: The baby carrier can be used for long road journeys or flight journeys too. It has a hood attached so that you can keep your baby’s head covered in strong winds, cold, or heat. You can use it to hold your baby in different positions for the utmost comfort when you have to walk or stand for long hours.



Breezy and Comfortable: The baby sling has been designed using breathable mesh fabric that ensures constant air ventilation. You can use the carrier even in hot and humid weather and it won’t stick to your baby’s skin or cause sweating to make them cranky.



Premium Quality Material: This baby carrier is made from premium grade Hypoallergenic Cotton material with a mix of Polyester that is safe for your baby’s skin. It’ll ensure maximum comfort, protecting your baby’s sensitive skin from rashes or irritation.




  • Material: Premium Quality Cotton and Polyester
  • Suitable Age: 0-36 Months
  • Bearable Weight: Up to 30 Kgs
  • Weight of the Carrier: 0.65 Kg
  • Waist: 120 cm


  • 1 x Ergonomic Baby Carrier  

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Customer Reviews

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very nice.. comfortable and very good metrial ... very happy to purchase .. thank u very much


I like this product. not using yet.


Arrived very fast (Germany). Already was soon using. The product looks very safe and is very comfortable. My daughter was very happy, when placed in kangaroo. The bottom not think very estavél but can use. My baby has 10 months, weighs about 10 kg and is 72cm.


Fast delivery , the quality of the item is ok except the two sides of the cushion could be too firm for baby’s legs. No communication with the supplier.


Excellent Product serious supplier and I recommend it to you